Friday, February 19, 2016

Madame Alexander Doll Company, LLC® to Launch Middleton Doll Adoption Line Exclusive at Toys “R” Us®

New York, NY – (February 18, 2016) –Today, Madame Alexander Doll Company, LLC® is pleased to introduce the all new Middleton Doll Adoption Line, available exclusively at Toys“R”Us® stores nationwide and this August. This collection of 16-inch baby dolls features exquisite details, such as the Middleton Doll sculpt, as well as premium weight and quality fashion and accessories, at a starting price of $39.99*. Middleton Dolls have been a hallmark of quality baby dolls in specialty stores for decades, and now for the first time, will be offered to Toys“R”Us customers across the US.
 Madame Alexander Doll Company was created by Beatrice Alexander in New York City 93 years ago, with the vision to engage a child’s imagination through doll play. Today, the brand continues to inspire children of all ages to have fun, learn, grow and imagine.
“We are thrilled to introduce the Middleton Doll Adoption Line exclusively at Toys“R”Us,” said Jamie Cygielman, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Madame Alexander Doll Company. “While upholding the high-quality and craftsmanship of the Middleton Doll heritage line, this new assortment offers a unique baby doll experience to a new generation of consumers.”
The Middleton Doll Adoption Line assortment includes:
The Adoption Baby: Ready to love with a sleeper layette, hat, cuddly blanket and soft pillow, with four choices of skin & eye tones.
The Adoption Essentials: Everything the little parent needs, including a sleeper layette, hat, booties, stuffed animal, and additional outfit and sweater, with three choices of skin & eye tones.
Customers can add to their collection with additional accessories, including an Adoption Baby Carrier, Adoption Baby Fashion Packs with realistic-style baby clothing, and additional Adoption Baby Play Packs.
For more information about the Middleton Doll Adoption Line available in August 2016, please visit
*MSRP: Adoption Baby.

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