Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Doll: Venus

Hiya Dollizens!

I just want to make a quick post about my newly purchased dolly – TJ, a Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls. I’ve been trying to get her since last year and I’m glad that I was finally able to find someone who’s selling a brand new one for a very good price!

loving those pouty lips!

I think I’m going to call her Venus. Her beauty and skin tone totally reminds me of this girl J

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Momoko Time - Too Cute To Ignore!

So I was checking Petwork’swebsite thru facebook tonight and discovered this cute little feature of the website called the Momoko Time. It’s where “guests can enjoy a variety of Momoko every minute.” I just thought of posting some of the featured momoko wearing different fashion! So cute indeed!

You may remember these dolls from the Momoko Design Contest a couple of years ago (I think?)

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

To all the Mommies, sisters, girl-friends, female companions and all the women in the world who continue to be the beacon of love that gives and breaths life to this planet – Happy International Women’s Day! You all rock!!!!!

I took some photos using Pop Susie (Liu Wen) as my model, (that contains nudity so I uploaded them to my new Flickr Account.(add me please!) I just find her too ethereal without any clothing – so natural and just beautiful just like all the women who should always feel beautiful in and out for without them, men won’t exist!

I believe that nowadays we women have overcome many obstacles and I do believe that we have reached the same level as man have. We must realize that there are no longer any barriers amongst us – Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009