Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet My Susie And Dijonnai!

Hi Dear Dollyzens!

Last Wednesday, I finally got my first "Dynamite Girls" from Rudi - she's none other than the RND exclusive ElectroPop Susie! I wasn't really planning to get her at first because I don't really find her that enticing in pictures but after getting a hold of her, I was really shocked to discover how beautiful this dolly is! I even told Rudi, if she's this beautiful in person - what more the Fashion Royalty dolls and other lines from IT?!

love her!she's got this uber-classy aura!

At the moment though, I’m thinking of naming her Liu Wen (one of my favorite models) or Mutya (white stone like pearl and a very Filipino name) - which name do you think would suit her?

I'm still contemplating on deboxing her :?

electropop chic!

And yesterday, I went to a thrift store nearby and I got an AA Barbie whose facial sculpt I really like. I gave her the name Dijonnai (Dee-jo-nay)  - I got the name from one of our clients from where I work. I think the name's really beautiful.


Also, I'm waiting for two more Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls - I ordered TJ and Gavin! I'm excited for them to arrive and play with them! They will be delivered by February and I just cannot contain my excitement! After these purchases, I have to restrict myself from buying more since I will be needing some cash for my school this coming summer! Haha.

But after my term, I'm hoping that I'd be able to acquire my first FR (haha) *crossed-fingers*

Some random pics with electropop Susie and Dijonnai

thank you for reading!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

let's me start off by greeting all the dolly netizens in the world a happy new year! it's been a while since i've posted anything. a lot of unfortunate personal stuff has happened the last few weeks of last year and i'm glad that i made it alive. it's been tough but i'm getting by.

i'm hoping to be more active this year with this wonderful hobby that i started just over a year ago! i love seeing new dolls coming out and learning more about the hobby each and everyday!

here's to a year of friendship, dolls, dolls and dolls!