Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet My Susie And Dijonnai!

Hi Dear Dollyzens!

Last Wednesday, I finally got my first "Dynamite Girls" from Rudi - she's none other than the RND exclusive ElectroPop Susie! I wasn't really planning to get her at first because I don't really find her that enticing in pictures but after getting a hold of her, I was really shocked to discover how beautiful this dolly is! I even told Rudi, if she's this beautiful in person - what more the Fashion Royalty dolls and other lines from IT?!

love her!she's got this uber-classy aura!

At the moment though, I’m thinking of naming her Liu Wen (one of my favorite models) or Mutya (white stone like pearl and a very Filipino name) - which name do you think would suit her?

I'm still contemplating on deboxing her :?

electropop chic!

And yesterday, I went to a thrift store nearby and I got an AA Barbie whose facial sculpt I really like. I gave her the name Dijonnai (Dee-jo-nay)  - I got the name from one of our clients from where I work. I think the name's really beautiful.


Also, I'm waiting for two more Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls - I ordered TJ and Gavin! I'm excited for them to arrive and play with them! They will be delivered by February and I just cannot contain my excitement! After these purchases, I have to restrict myself from buying more since I will be needing some cash for my school this coming summer! Haha.

But after my term, I'm hoping that I'd be able to acquire my first FR (haha) *crossed-fingers*

Some random pics with electropop Susie and Dijonnai

thank you for reading!



  1. Great finds! I really like the ElectroPop doll. I think you should name her Liu Wen.

  2. Congratulations on your first Susie! She is lovely and on my list of dolls to buy - still. Someday ....

  3. Hello from Spain: I see your doll collection grows. The first is beautiful and the clothes are spectacular. The second one I have and I just came with a black horse. Keep in touch

  4. @Frannie - :) thanks! but yours are just really awwweeessssooommmee finds! haha.
    I think I'm gonna name her Liu Wen since she's of Chinese ancestry I think? ^_^

    @D7ana - thanks Dana! love her! ^_^ I'm pretty sure you'll get yours anytime soon :p

    @Marta - thank you dear! yes, little by little the family's growing since I started in late 2009. I don't what with these beauties! Instead of me buying something else (non-dolls stuff) - everytime I see them in pictures or in person - I end up spending my money for them!!! haha. I've still got a lot of exploring to do with these wonderful hobby!

    speaking of horse - I almost got a beautiful horse toy which will be good for diorama and they're selling it for like $4 -I just hesitated to get it because it doesn't have it's tail. haha. but maybe I can do something about that. I'll see if its still there though :)

    Thank you all dearies


  5. Thanks for the lovely words about Susie.... ENJOY!!!